What are Standees?

They've been called Cutouts,Standups,or Stand-Ins. Find out what you need to know when ordering your next Cardboard Standee.

What are Standees for?

Standees are great for just about anything, parties, promotions, advertising , graduations and more.

How much is a Cardboard Standee?

Standees can range in price from just $29.99 for smaller sizes up to about $150 for larger sizes above 7ft tall. Always consider the size when looking to order a cardboard cutout.

What about Movie Theater Standees?

There are many sources to get movie Standees featuring stars and characters from current or classic movies.

Where to Buy Standees

Finding the right cardboard cutout can be tough with all the sites out there, we'll help you get the best one at the best price.

Where to Find Custom Standees

Looking for Custom Standees?

Here's a few of the best sites we've found making custom Standees.